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Sea Star City

Sea Star City is a way of dealing with the major problems that confront humanity and human settlements. Sea Star will be a self sufficient, very densely populated settlement with a huge hinterland (hinter-water actually). The sea places natural limits to the growth of the city. The pattern of development that many planners have proposed but never succeeded in creating on land happens easily on water. Urban sprawl is automatically taken care of and area for gathering natural resources is available in plenty. Sea Star City will deal with problems of global warming, scarcity of food, water, energy and land. It will be a growing city compactly planned and made of light weight composite materials. First sector of Sea Star City will be built with United Nations Fund for refugees from island states that rising seas will submerge. It will be located close to the continental land mass. The other sectors of Sea Star will be built by residents who move to the first sector. More Sea Stars will be built as seas rise further and submerge other islands. Sea Star is not just a city for climate change refugees. It is the way of making sustainable settlements that help prevent climate change.

date. 2009

type. planning

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